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Construction Services

In recent years, the construction process has become increasingly complex. To navigate this process, companies and institutions in need of construction or renovation have found it efficient and cost-effective to hire an expert to represent their interests. Dodson and its owner Richard Dodson, is a leading expert in construction management. Dodson has spent more than 30 years in the construction industry working in both the public and private sectors.

How Dodson helps

Dodson has helped corporate and architectural executives successfully plan and complete construction projects by acting as owner's representative, construction manager and/or general contractor. Dodson provides services that protect owner interests. Such services include:

  • Administering and supervising construction projects from conceptualization to completion, thus reducing potential cost over-runs, and achieving substantial savings.
  • Assisting architects with pre-design, design phase and construction activities. Preparing construction reports, amendments, and contract documents.
  • Acting as a liaison between multiple organizations, while representing the customer.
  • Interpreting technical information.
  • Offering viable solutions for projects in urban areas that face challenges such as environmental issues and constricted space.